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Party Equipment Rental - RENT OUR MIST COOLING FANS

NOLA Misting Systems provides mist cooling rentals for hospitality and outdoor event cooling in the Greater New Orleans and Gulf Coast areas.  It's like outdoor air-conditioning! NOLA Misting Systems' outdoor misting fans effectively cool surrounding hot air up to 30 degrees without getting you or your guests wet, ensuring that your guests remember your event, not the heat.

  • Fans can be run with or without mist, and customized to as much or as little mist as you want
  • Rentals includes fans, high pressure pump, delivery, set-up, and pick up. Additional fans can be added at a discounted rate.

Rates begin at:

  • $150 for one fan
  • $125 per fan for two or more
  • Prices include delivery, set-up, pick-up.
  • Prices are for New Orleans area delivery.
  • Additional fees may apply to pick-ups after 9:00PM and rentals outside of Metro area.
  • Tax (9%) not included.
  • Multi day discounts are available. Call for information.

Especially Important! High pressure mist will not wet your hair. No Frizzies!


     Mist Fan Rental in New Orleans                                     Mist fan rentals. High pressure misting will not wet your hair.

NOLA Misting Systems has created a mist cooling system which offers limitless possibilities for cooling your outdoor events. Our misting fans and stands are portable, adjustable and available in sleek black or white to compliment your event. Sleek black stand with two 18" mounted misting fans will keep you cool without getting you wet!


  • 22" fan - portable self contained with 40 gallon reservoir

  • 30 Inch Self Contained Pedestal Fan (rental includes one fan)

  • Sleek black adjustable stands-rental with two 18" fans each

  • White 24" Sideline Fans (rental includes 2 fans each)

Fans can all be run with or without mist, and customized to as much or as little mist as you want.

The misting pump can be hidden well out of sight. The 18", 22", and 24" misting fans can produce enough cooling to cover large outdoor areas, even on the hottest days and nights ...

The 18" misting fans can be mounted on:

The black adjustable stands (2 fans each).

An event tent.

A wall or vertical surface.

Have a tent or Pergola?  We can turn it into a cooling station.

New Orleans Misting Systems. Mist fan rentals. New Orleans Misting Systems. Mist fan rentals.

Mist Line   Tent / Shelter  Cooling Station

Create a cooling station with a curtain of mist - perfect for cooling off large seating areas or tents. Mist line is hung above the perimeter of the area with mist nozzles located every three to four feet creating a "curtain" that quickly evaporates but displaces hot air with cooler air. Especially effective when used together with a misting fan.

Misting fans can be adjusted for "dry mist" or wet "fog mist"

Mist Cooling Open Areas


Each event & venue is unique, therefore we customize each outdoor misting system to create optimum outdoor cooling.


Perfect for Special Events Large or Smallall

Photo of Crescent City Classic Mist Station - Property of NOLA Misting Systems

Components of a Mist Fan Rental System

New Orleans Misting Systems - mist fan rental1000 PSI High Pressure Pump

Our high pressure pump is about 12" wide x 18" long x 12" high. It needs to be located near a power source and water source. The pump is not silent and should be located 25-50' from the area to be mist cooled. Our most common 1/2 gallon per minute pump requires a 10 amp circuit.

All Weather Misting Fans

Our fans are specifically designed to be used outdoors; they're fully sealed, compact, attractive and safe to use. All misting fans come with a 3-speed motor, giving you great flexibility and cooling options.

Adjustable tripods

Our multi adjustable tripods allow you to hang fans anywhere from 4' to 12' high.

Our tripods are available in black and they allow almost infinite positioning of the fans.

One (1) tripod supports two (2) 18" misting fans.


To guarantee that your special event will be covered in cool and not the heat we recommend an Advanced Reservation! Call Today to reserve your Mist System 504-782-8475

B2B Reservations

If you are an Event / Meeting Planner, Caterer or Rental Company call or email us to find out about special rental offers.



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